Can Driving an Environmentally Friendly Car Mean Savings on Your Insurance?

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This question may come to mind as you are searching for your new car. Some shoppers put safety features first, while others put exterior looks at the top of the list. Although these characteristics are important, so is fuel economy. In this day and age, saving money is always helpful. Doing some research on green cars never hurt anyone.

As you look at your options, it is also important to think about your protection. By investing in a hybrid vehicle, you may see savings on your auto insurance. This is because many newer green cars are equipped with the latest safety features, and they are environmentally friendly. With so many benefits, how can you go wrong! Here are some more features of these vehicles:

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• Hybrid car owners can have significant savings on gas, even as it is rising. This is due to the incredible mileage these cars are capable of.
• The other way hybrids help save money is through tax incentives. When you factor in the refund, the total cost of purchasing the hybrid is lower than the cost of purchasing a comparable model.
• Hybrids tend to hold their value in the first five years better than gas model cars, so their maintenance and repair costs are not as high.
• Hybrid cars emit fewer harmful emissions into the air, contributing to a cleaner, greener, and healthier planet.

Finding the right car can be tough because it is a large investment. This is why the agents at Stassen Insurance want to make the entire process easier with these tips and offering affordable auto insurance. We can do this by giving drivers throughout Illinois exceptional coverage from the best companies around. We also have the most competitive rates available so you can protect what’s important to you.


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  1. Delmonico says:

    Hello, I got over to your webpage via StumbleUpon. Not something I frequently read, though I enjoy your thoughts nonetheless. Thank you for composing some thing worthy of reading through!

    • sstassen says:

      Thank you for the kind remarks. Environmentally Friendly Cars are wonderful and we at Stassen Insurance are glad to have helped you with information that you can use.

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