Professional Liability Insurance

As a professional, the possibility of being sued is very real. This is why you require comprehensive professional liability insurance from Stassen Insurance.

Since you work in such a high position, you have the education and experience to hold yourself to public and peer scrutiny. But no one is perfect, and even experts can make mistakes. This is why we have created a coverage package specifically for you, called professional liability. In addition to general business liability, this policy can provide crucial errors and omissions protection.

We work hard to recognize extreme risk exposures that could put a strain on your business venture. You know that liability is serious because it determines your overall reputation within the community. No matter what type of professional you are – lawyer, doctor, technology consultant – your coverage needs come down to the services you provide to your clients for a fee and how vulnerable you are to professional liability risks.

Having customized professional liability insurance will provide you with a safeguard in the event that your service resulted in physical, mental, or financial loss for your client. Each business and every professional is different, which is exactly why we believe your coverage should be unique. Interested in learning more? Contact us today so you can protect your professional future.

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