What to Do during a Home Robbery

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You never want to put your family at risk for injuries or accidents. But what if your property is? It is important to ensure that your home has the proper security that can deter burglars and keep everyone inside safe in case of a break in. In addition, you should have a plan in place if a home robbery was to occur.

Does your family live close to the city? This could put your loved ones and valuables at a higher risk. Recently, local police have issued alerts in Bronzeville and Oakland after a number of robberies occurred. Two to four teenagers have robbed people in several incidents, with at least one wearing a black jacket with a design on the left chest and a baseball cap with “Chicago” written on it.

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If this situation worries you, then it is time to take action. Prevent your family and home from falling victim to burglars by installing a security system. If criminals somehow still get inside, here are some tips to remember during a home invasion:

• Stay calm for your loved ones.
• Cooperate with the criminals if necessary. No amount of cash is worth getting hurt over.
• Do not fight back.
• Look carefully at the intruders, even if they are masked. Is there something unique about their appearance that can help with a witness report?
• Involve your whole family in creating a personal home safety plan.
• Strengthen your home with strong doors and locks.
• Always be thinking and re-evaluating the situation. At first there may be no chance for escape, but after a while, you may see an opening.

At Stassen Insurance, we never want a home invasion situation to happen to you and your family. It is crucial that you are prepared for such an incident, but taking the proper precautions, such as setting up home security or reliable locks, can decrease the likely hood of a burglary occurring. If you feel your property needs more protection, then you should look into our home insurance. Our policies are designed with your best interest in mind, catering to your unique requirements.


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