Tire Maintenance for the New Year

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Your commercial truck drivers have lots on their plates. From navigating the roads to being on a strict schedule, they may not have time to pay attention to tire maintenance. As head of your trucking company, you should teach your truckers why tire maintenance is so important in the New Year, how it can positively affect your business, and promote safety.

Setting up a tire maintenance program can help your employees stay on track with their truck checkups. Making sure your commercial tires function properly can help fix and identify problems. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your current set of truck tires:

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• It may not always be easy to drive carefully in a commercial truck. Try not to over accelerate or take sharp turns too fast because this can wear the tires down faster.
• Having properly inflated tires will improve gas mileage, so make sure to check tire pressure. With correct pressure, your tire’s tread will last longer.
• Be sure you have the right type of tires and don’t mix and match. Think about how you use your truck and make your tire selection based on that.
• Clean your tires from time to time. Not only does it improve the look of your truck, but it also protects your tires.
• Truck drivers should check their tires on a daily basis and should do this before proceeding with their journey to ensure maximum safety.

At Stassen Insurance, we hope these tips help you maintain a top notch vehicle that can navigate any road. If possible, invest in quality tires so you can rely on them and save money. You don’t want to put your business or drivers at risk due to going the cheap route. In addition to purchasing the right tires, you may also want the right truck insurance. The Truck Insurance Store can help you upgrade, consolidate, or find new insurance for your commercial truck and business. Our fast, experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful agents can explain your options and provide you with excellent pricing on the policies that most appropriately meet your needs.


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