The Importance of Changing Your Oil

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Have you ever brought your car in to the auto shop before? There are many reasons why you may need to bring your vehicle to get work done, but hopefully that reason is not because of an accident. Typically, motorists visit their local auto shops every few months to get routine maintenance. You may know that the mechanics rotate your tires and fill up necessary fluids. Do you know why changing your car’s oil is so important?

A car’s oil should be changed between every 3,000 and 10,000 miles. If you drive frequently, then this will need to be done sooner than a car that is not used very often. But how does this affect the longevity of your vehicle? Learn why changing the oil helps the health of your auto:

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• Having your oil changed on a regular basis can keep your car in proper running order. Your car manufacturer or the oil change shop will recommend how often you should go in to get it changed.
• Changing the oil can improve the life of your car’s engine and allow your car to maximize the horsepower it puts on the road.
• Not changing your oil can cause significant damage to your engine. This is because the oil is necessary to keep all of the moving parts lubricated.
• By not having enough oil, you run the risk of parts not working as efficiently as possible.
• If you ignore your oil, parts will begin grinding together without lubrication, leading to jamming or even engine failure.

At Stassen Insurance, we hope you understand why changing your oil is so important to your safety. Owning a vehicle is a huge responsibility because you must keep on top of its maintenance in order for it to function properly. As long as you are protecting your car with auto insurance and preparing for unexpected events that may arise, you may find peace of mind on and off the road.


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