Safety Issues When Using Your Truck Radio

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Owning a trucking company brings many unpredictable incidents. In order to keep track of your employees, constant communication is key. This can be done with the help of a truck radio. However, did you know there are safety issues that go along with using such a device? Make sure your drivers remain safe on the road when in communication in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

Radio broadcasting may be an effective form of communication for your business, but it can be dangerous as well. Using this system involves electricity at high voltages and electromagnetic radio waves flowing throughout the vehicle. Therefore, safety measures are necessary to prevent injuries to workers. If electricity is not handled correctly, it could lead to electrocution, even if a radio is turned off. Broadcasting equipment can also short circuit, causing a fire in the truck.


Radio frequencies can also cause burns if someone comes in direct contact with an antenna. Workers should always wear protective safety equipment, such as rubber lined gloves, goggles, and helmets when fixing their radio. Radio equipment also emits radiation, which can possibly be harmful to a person if exposure lasts for an extensive period of time. This is why radio equipment should be covered by a protective shield.

At Stassen Insurance, we hope you find these radio safety tips helpful when working to protect your truckers. Constant communication in this industry is how cargo and valuables move along smoothly. If you’re a small scale owner operator or a motor carrier with a fleet of trucks, another way to prevent risks on the road is with the right insurance. The Truck Insurance Store, the trucking insurance division of our agency, provides a wide range of commercial truck insurance coverage throughout Illinois and Tennessee. Our range of policy options include, but are not limited to, primary liability, cargo, hazmat, equipment, occupational accident, workers compensation, and more. Come to The Truck Insurance Store to experience the best today!


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