RECALLED! Millions of Fire Extinguishers Sold with Commercial Trucks

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Check your fleet for fire extinguishers

Truck fire extinguisher

Massive recall
of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured over 24 year period and including numberous models

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a massive recall of 38 million Kidde fire extinguishers. Of that amount, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that approximately 2.5 million were sold with commercial trucks.

According to NHTSA, Kidde will notify affected vehicle manufacturers, and those manufacturers will issue the appropriate recalls.

The recall includes 142 different types of fire extinguishers manufactured between January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017. The problem extinguishers could become clogged, preventing them from discharging when needed. Worse yet, the nozzles could detach completely from the units.

Please click here for the complete list of recalled fire extinguishers and corresponding model numbers to determine if your fleet extinguishers are on the list.

According to the CPSC, there have been approximately 391 reports of extinguisher failure, limited activation or nozzle detachment.1 Additionally, there have been approximately 16 injuries, including smoke inhalation and minor burns, one fatality and an estimated 91 reports of property damage.

What Should You Do?

Check all of your fire extinguishers at home, shop, office, and in your vehicles. If one or more of your fire extinguishers is on the list, you can contact Kidde at 855-271-0773 or online at then click on “Product Safety Recall”, for more information.

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