And You Thought Insurance Was Boring!

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Often times, individuals, businesses, and others not involved in the insurance world believe that everything about the industry is boring. Here at Stassen Insurance Agency, we want to show you how our passion is in fact fun and the total opposite of boring! Take a look at this video of our VP, Susan Stassen, dancing Gangnam Style with Adam DeGraide, CEO and founder of Astonish, at the EAgent Summit!

Now do you think insurance is boring? We hope this changes your mind and opens you up to understanding exactly what we can do for you. Have you been searching insurance companies in Illinois looking for the perfect coverage to cater to your lifestyle? Well, we can assure you that the search ends with us and our reliable services.

Our team of insurance agents can provide you with the policies you seek. Whether it be personal insurance, business insurance, truck insurance, or another product, they will all be tailored and provided at a rate that fits your budget. We work with a variety of insurance carriers, allowing us to pair you with the coverage plan that meets your specific requirements.

Contact us today to receive the protection you deserve. And during the process, you may be pleased to find that insurance is extremely fun!


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